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Annapurna is situated in north-central Nepal. It is the tenth highest mountain in the world at 8,091 metres (26,545 ft) above sea level and is well known for the difficulty and danger involved in its ascent.


Maurice Herzog led a French expedition to its summit through the north face in 1950, making it the first eight-thousand meter peak ever successfully climbed. 


For decades, Annapurna I Main held the highest fatality-to-summit rate of all principal eight-thousander summits with the fatality rate of 32%. This figure places it just under the most recent fatality rate estimates for K2, at about 24%. The mountain possesses  grave threats to climbers through avalanche danger, unpredictable weather and the extremely steep and committing nature of its climbing routes.


In 2019, I climbed Annapurna with the ‘Project Possible’ team and in the process became the sixth and youngest Briton to summit it.

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