Growing up in Chichester, I didn't come across many mountains. I spent much of my youth; running, cycling and sailing competitively, as part of the RYA Team GBR National Youth Squad in international regattas around the world. It was my love of the outdoors that eventually led me in search of a challenge in the great heights of the Himalayas.


At the age of 22, having been inspired by the famous climbers through the years, I took up mountaineering for the first time. Marathon running and sailing consequently took a backseat to make way for more extreme pursuits. In April 2015, at just 23 years old, I attempted to break two records by becoming the first Briton and the youngest ever, to climb Mount Everest twice, on two routes, consecutively.


Six weeks in to the Expedition, the Nepalese earthquake struck. The convulsions tragically caused 19 fatalities on the mountain and I was forced to abandon the pursuit.

In 2018, I revisited the attempt. Despite summiting Everest on 17th May, I was unable to complete my double ascent due my supplementary oxygen being stolen. 

Less than a year later and despite the odds, I summited the notorious Annapurna becoming one of only a handful of Britons to do so, as well as becoming the youngest.  

Currently serving in the military, I am combining my training with my mountaineering ambitions in order to climb the highest mountains on the planet.


Photo: Adam Priscak, Linde Werdelin